Whirlpool Gold GX2FHDXVY Refrigerator Reviews and Ratings

Whirlpool Gold GX2FHDXVY Refrigerator

Whirlpool, the brand, says it all. One of the leading refrigerator manufacturers in the world, Whirlpool has designed its Gold GX2FHDXVY model to be highly energy efficient and equally high in functional value. It has the looks and performs beautifully, even while you enjoy watching your energy bills dip.

High Energy Star rating

So, why are these refrigerators highly fuel efficient? The answer lies in their design. The three door double tub format conserves cooling since you only open the door that you want to. The loss of energy is minimal owing to the foam lined door insulation and so, the refrigerator does not have to consume more energy for cooling the warm air that enters the refrigerator when you open the door. The Accu-Chill Temperature Management System controls temperature accurately, which lowers energy consumption further. This system is provided both in the freezer located below and the refrigerator.

In addition, the refrigerator has an adaptive defrost system (ADS), which regulates defrost depending on usage, thus making the refrigerator energy efficient.

Spacious pantry

One of the most special things about the refrigerator is its pantry. You can store lots of things including birthday cakes, vegetables, fruits, party platters and large quantities of cheese, meat and casseroles. The refrigerator comes with four adjustable glass shelves. They can be raised and lowered depending on your requirements.

Keeps food fresh

The refrigerator is provided with humidity controlled crispers. Thanks to this feature, you can say goodbye to soggy veggies and mushy foods forever. All foods remain crisp, fresh and taste great even after refrigeration.

Highly functional doors

The doors have been designed to be highly functional. Both the doors have high storage space, besides the adjustable door bins that let you organize foods better in them. Door can be used to hold a gallon bottle, a dozen can beverage boxes. Doors dispense them as well.

Easy and convenient drawer freezer system

The drawer freezer assembly saves a lot of effort and time since you do not have to bend down and dive in to dig out foods. The drawer design also allows better organization. Foods are easily visible in the drawer. Big storage baskets are provided in the freezer, which allows more storage.

Besides these highlights, the refrigerator comes with automatic ice maker. The freezer light, which is not usually found in other refrigerators, is another useful addition. The model is available in four finishes – monochromatic stainless steel, black, monochromatic satina and white on white. This excellent refrigerator in stainless steel is priced at just $1599. Other models are cheaper.

Whirlpool Gold GX2FHDXVY Refrigerator Ratings

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