Weight Loss Healthy Soup Recipes

Weight Loss Healthy Soup Recipes

You may be finding it hard to find great healthy soup recipes now that you are losing weight or maintaining your waist line size. Making use of nutritious and tasty ingredients, you can institute healthy soup recipes that can aid you in attaining your goals to keep your body healthy and stay away from diseases. These are wholesome recipes that are made easy and following basic instructions listed below can provide you with probably the most nutritious and most delicious soup recipes you can have while having your desired body shape.

Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup

Slow Cooker Black Bean SoupIt is one of the best healthy soup recipes as it involves lots of vegetables. It is is low-calorie recipe, with only 122 calories per serve. The healthy soup recipe below can accommodate eight or more people in one serving.

To cook this healthy soup recipe, you will need the following: 30 oz. cans black beans (drained and rinsed), a 14-oz. can of undrained Mexican stewed tomatoes can, a 14-oz. can of undrained petite-diced tomato , a 9-oz. can of chopped green chillies, an 11-oz. can of drained whole kernel corn, 3 chili powder bags, a teaspoon of garlic powder or fresh garlic, and if necessary, a teaspoon of ground cumin.

Just combine all these ingredients in a slow cooker, setting the temperature to low, you can already prepare this healthy soup recipe. However, you need to cook this for around eight hours. What’s good with these healthy soup recipes is that they can be served outright after cooking and sodium can be reduced by using soaked dry black beans and fresh corn.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable SoupOne of the best weight loss healthy soup recipes can actually be prepared very easily. What’s great is that you can actually experiment with the food you are going to eat. This healthy soup recipe is done on the stove top for large groups. Weight loss healthy recipes can be boring or tasteful, depending on you. Doling our a portion daily or adding your favorite twist when you heat them can give you a different taste for your soup each day. The best part of this healthy soup recipe is the base soup that you can just actually eat as is. It only contains 45 calories per serving.

For you to be able to prepare this vegetable soup with variations, here are the ingredients that you need for your weight loss healthy soup recipes: a pound of thinly sliced carrots, a pound and a half chopped onions, four thinly sliced celery stalks, two crushed with press large garlic cloves, 56-oz undrained whole tomate, a pound of thinly sliced green cabbage, 48 chicken broth, salt and pepper, six cups of water, 3/4 bite-sized cut green beans, zucchini crescent slices and 12-oz baby spinach leaves.

The principal component of weight loss healthy soup recipes is the vegetables. To prepare this meal, mix carrots, celery, onions and garlic on your stock pot over a medium heat. Then, stir it for eight minutes until the time you feel that your vegetables became tender. Now, add the tomato and its juice, the cabbage, broth and the green peas. Now, add flavor to it by mixing the salt and pepper and water together with your base soup. Stir this occasionally until it boils.

When your healthy soup had boiled, cover your pot and let it simmer for around ten minutes while stirring. Now, add your zucchini and spinach leaves. While doing so, increase your heat until your soup would return to boil again. Now, reduce your heat and let it simmer, covered, for around ten minutes or so.

You can definitely add more variations on your healthy soup recipes while undergoing weight loss diet plans. Plan on different soups and meals you can make for yourself while undergoing diet. Experiment and explore possibilities on your healthy soup recipes and you can definitely succeed in keeping your body healthy and strong.

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