Samsung RF4287HARS Refrigerator Reviews and Ratings

Samsung RF4287HARS Refrigerator

The only four door model from Samsung, with two doors and two drawers, RF4287HARS Refrigerator is a combination of convenient usage, power saving design, attractive visual appeal and a number of good in-built features. The refrigerator has a good energy star rating and hence, good on your pocket and the environment as well.

Greater storage space

This refrigerator, which boasts of 28 cu.ft capacity, offers great storage space. The walls of the refrigerator have been provided with thin but powerful insulation, which increases storage space inside. It does not occupy much of your room space as well.

The drawers

The FlexZone drawer, which is the middle drawer, has four temperature settings for four categories of foods – snacks/deli, cold drinks, meat/fish and wine/party. Temperature is set depending on what you are storing in there.  The SmartDivide is another excellent addition in the refrigerator drawers. This is a movable perpendicular cross shaped divide and the size of each pocket can be customized by moving the hands of the cross.

Energy efficient

The refrigerator enjoys high Energy Star rating. Not only does the machine consume lesser power for running, but it is also provided with an alarm system, which rings if its door is left open. The refrigerator consists of LED lighting, which are more power efficient that the normal lights. Further, heat emitted from LED is lower and this adds to the lower energy consumption for cooling.

Special cooling features

Samsung RF4287HARS refrigerator comes with two special cooling features – Power Cooling and Twin Cooling Plus. Power cooling feature is available for refrigerator and freezer. This feature helps in flash cooling or flash freezing. You can have your food chilled or the water frozen within minutes. The second feature, which is Twin cooling Plus, is very desirable in any refrigerator. This cools both sides of the refrigerator separately. So, flavors from one food and not mixed with another.


With the external dispenser assembly, you can quickly access crushed ice and pure filtered water. Convenience is enhanced with the Flexi drawer, which is provided exactly at kitchen counter height. The handles provided on both the drawers are sturdy and simplify dragging the drawers  out. LED lighting provided at different points provides full illumination. So, you can easily find whatever you are looking for. Shelves are flexible and you can shift them up and down for better storage options. The refrigerator, with its large capacity, is great for families consisting of more than four people. Flexi drawer is a great help for the elderly since it is easy to pull out and is at a perfect height.

Samsung RF4287HARS Refrigerator leaves little to be desired. It is a smart machine with a well thought of design and practical solutions for all refrigeration needs.

Samsung RF4287HARS Refrigerator Ratings

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