Samsung RF266AEWP Refrigerator Reviews and Ratings

Samsung RF266AEWP Refrigerator

The Samsung RF266AEWP is a 36” wide power-packed refrigerator whose stunning looks and exclusive features make it a must-have for any well-equipped kitchen. Available in black, white, stainless steel and a striking platinum finish, this refrigerator is loaded with innovative features.

The refrigerator is perhaps the most used equipment in your kitchen, being opened and closed innumerable times throughout the day. Keeping this in mind, the CoolSafe doors of the Samsung RF266AEWP are designed to leave no room for any air leakage and shuts automatically ensuring a tight seal. Accompanied with an Energy Star rating, this refrigerator contributes to saving handsome money on your electricity bills. The intelligent alarm system warns you every time you or your kids leave the door ajar for too long; another unique feature aimed at saving energy and money. And with a sophisticated electronic control panel for precise temperature settings, you can’t really go wrong with the Samsung RF266AEWP.

The Surround Air Flow cooling system allows for smooth flow of cool air to every corner in the interior so that all stored items are cooled uniformly. On hot summer days, the innovative Power Freeze and Power Cool features allow you to set and freeze ice creams in a jiffy or to quickly cool a bottle of soda when you are desperately yearning for a swig.

The Samsung RF266AEWP comes fitted with an internal water vending machine that delivers cool clear water and ice making capacities. It is equipped with adjustable spill-proof glass shelves, bins and baskets so that you can reorganize as per your convenience and utilize every corner of the interior for optimum storage. This is especially important as an empty refrigerator attracts more temperature fluctuations, leading to more consumption of energy. You don’t have to worry about missing something as the cool LED light takes care of illuminating every nook.

Though a bit wide at 36 inches, the narrow French Door styling ensures that the doors do not require much floor space to swing open, so you can accommodate this refrigerator into kitchens of almost any size. The freezer has ample width for convenient storage of all your favorite frozen food like pizza, ice creams and other frozen delicacies.

The two crispers with humidity-control facilities that come with the Samsung RF266AEWP allow you to sort and store your fruits and vegetables separately for optimum freshness even after prolonged storage. Additionally, there is a Cool Select bin for storing meat and dairy products. For all that cooling to be done effectively, the Samsung RF266AEWP depends on its separate cooling systems which efficiently cool the freezer compartment and the interiors of the refrigerator. At only $1,899, this refrigerator is a great bargain for you.

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