Quick And Easy, Healthy Snack Recipes

Quick And Easy, Healthy Snack Recipes

When it comes to healthy snack recipes, the keys to success are quick and easy snacks that take minutes to prepare yet provide nutritional benefits, too. Many dieters get caught up in watching calories instead of nutrition, grabbing for low calorie crackers, pretzels and cookies that have zero nutritional value. Not only does grabbing a bag of chips, filled with carbohydrates, actually work against a diet but it also impacts health because our immune systems need adequate vitamins and minerals to fu function properly. Healthy snack recipes, therefore, need to provide the benefits of being a tasty treat, should be quickly prepared so there is no temptation to open a bag of pretzels or potato chips and should promote a balanced diet.

There are many healthy snack recipes that meet all of the above criteria. The best snacks are ones that don’t come solely out of a box or a jar. Keeping a refrigerator full of healthy “grab and go” foods ensures much better odds of eating a healthier diet as well as snacks, the next time you are in front of the tv, looking for something to munch on. Follow these suggestions for healthy snack recipes and you can enjoy tasty, guilt-free snacking while improving nutrition at the same time.

People love popcorn but often grab for the buttered, flavored brands that you pop into the microwave. Popcorn is actually a healthier snack if you keep it more pure and natural. For healthy snack recipes when making popcorn, it couldn’t be easier. Invest in a hot air popper and sprinkle your favorite topping on top. Some suggestions are parmesan cheese, natural garlic powder or salt, cayenne or paprika for a spicy flare, brown sugar and cinnamon for a sweet treat. Other healthy snack recipes include drizzling olive oil on top (spices stick better) or even hot sauce, if you like things hot.

There are limitless healthy snack recipes to be found with raw fruits and vegetables. Some examples include dipping raw fruit in plain yogurt sweetened with honey (kids love fruit kabobs, with a few mini marshmallows placed on the stick). Celery sticks go great with a dab of creamed cheese or peanut butter. A little ranch dressing goes a long way with any vegetable in your refrigerator. In addition, you can make a fruit plate and just drizzle a little chocolate sauce around for an added hint of sweetness. Healthy snack recipes can include a little guilty pleasure, if used in moderation. Fresh salsa is also an excellent choice for a healthy, quick recipe.

Protein is important for overall health and has been proven to be an essential part of a successful diet. High protein foods such as eggs, cheese, peanut butter and meat are great ingredients to healthy snack recipes. Summer sausage on whole wheat crackers, with a small slice of cheese, provides calcium, protein and grain. For a little zest, add spicy mustard for a kick to your palette. You can also make a batch of egg salad to spread on crackers or create deli roll ups in a leaf of lettuce with lunch meat, cheese, tomato and onion.

For healthy snack recipes, you needn’t spend a lot of time preparing in the kitchen. We all want to eat healthier but are tempted to grab for the chip bag because of the misconception that eating healthy takes time. The truth is that a healthier snack can be just as quick to make, if you stock your shelves with nutritious foods instead of chips and unhealthy treats. Healthy snack recipes provide your body with nutrients it needs, while giving you tasty snacks that are so good, you will think you are indulging in a guilty pleasure.

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