Philips Viva Collection HD9220/53 Air Fryer Review

Philips Viva Collection HD9220/53 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology is a unique product that comes with a dependable air innovation. This would enable users to fry even if there is the presence of air. In the end, this would make food crispy without compromising its inside for the tenderness can still be maintained. This may be of little oil, this can be without oil at all. Regardless, one is necessary to ensure that the required results will be attained eventually.

Philips Viva Collection HD9220/53 is the best fryer for so many reason. In purchasing this product, customers will surely be able to enjoy the following advantages:

One of the most known benefits of this fryer is that it features rapid air technology for healthier frying to be attained. This is unique this way for it could be utilized in baking, frying, grilling and roasting. The tastiest snacks can be made in less than a minute with this.

Through this prying pan, low fat food may be cooked. This is not surprising because of its unique design. This is a combination of fast air which circulates all the time. As this happens, it is superheated and this is when optimal heating takes place. This would allow for the frying of delicious meals to occur. This may be easy and there will no longer be a need to add oil.

This pan is very versatile because it may be utilized for grilling, frying, roasting and at times… even baking. This is functional in such sense because of the innovative Philips Airfyer that it goes along with. This would allow the roasting of your favorite meal to occur. This is perceived to be a one stop solution for whatever meal you require.

Upon buying, you will be provided with a booklet filled with inspiring recipes. This is devised with the presence of experts in the field of culinary who were in-charge in giving inspiration for low-fat fried food. All of these can be cooked by the Airfryer. This is also a way to be introduced with recipes that will allow you to showcase any appliance’ versatility. This is the time when you can bake, grill and even roast. All of these can be undertaken conveniently.

Even if its build appears to be really small, it may produce fast and easy food. This is not surprising because it goes with a large cooking capacity. This may handle any of your favorite recipes out there.

The temperature control of it is adjustable. It also comes with an integrated timer that would allow pre-setting to occur. This is ideal for cooking times and it may reach even 30 minutes if that is preferred. It is packed with a ready sound indicator. With this, the auto-function may be realized. Its temperature is also fully adjustable. This would allow the pre-setting of the temperature to happen. This may be for the food and it may reach up to 200 degrees. This is the feature you need in enjoying crispy golden-brown fries, chicken, snacks, meat and a whole lot more.

Fast cooking results may happen in a snap. It is time-efficient.
The parts are safe, even for dishwasher. There is also a drawer which is removable. It will definitely not stick at all. Easy cleaning is assured here.

The design of this technology is really one of its kind. Delicious meals may be set here without a problem.

List of Features of Philips Viva Collection

  • Philips Viva Collection HD9220/53 has lots of specifications that may find useful in their daily lives. These are given below.
  • This is perfect for cooking and re-heating.
  • This may be perfect for those who want to decrease their intake of calorie.
  • Has a timer that comes with a signal. It also has an auto shutoff.
  • It keeps the surface of the kitchen neat and tidy because it goes with a cord storage.
  • Easy cleaning is expected and the parts are safe for dish washing.
  • The temperature control is adjustable and this will come with perfect results later on.
  • Its rapid air technology is responsible in frying the tastiest food. This may happen without oil.
  • The free recipe book is enough for everyone to take a whole new level in cooking. 

Pros and Cons

Just like any product, this comes with its own pros and cons. In order for you to prepare yourself, these are the extent and its limitations.


Less Greasy
Quick Result


Needs cord
No separator
Comes with a metal gauze
Needs oil
Disturbing divider

How to use the Air fryer

If this is your first time stumbling upon such product, these are the steps of its usage:

  • Get the manual for the instructions.
  • Use a container and place whatever food intended. Check the bag before doing so.
  • Put the bag on the channel and then work with the latch-bar.
  • Choose among the options in the button.
  • Remove the air from the bags through proper sealing.
  • Unlock its lid.

Maintenance and Cleaning

There are various ways in order for this equipment to be cleaned. These may be:

  • Proper cleaning is easy because it is not that difficult.
  • Unplug the fryer from its connection.
  • Use a semi-dry cloth to clean. Do this with soap and water.
    Wipe it with the dry cloth.
  • Deal with the drip-tray by removing it. Use the water and soap for this.
  • Frequently asked questions about Philips Air Fryer

A. What is the plug point of this fryer?

Answer: You may need 15amp for this.

B. What are the other important features?

Answer: This fryer highlights the use of temperature control and timer. These can all be adjusted when you are frying, cooking, and even baking. All of these.

The aforementioned are just among the functional features that many users may enjoy. For weight, Philips Viva Collection HD9220/53 is only 800g. This fryer is of low fat. It goes with a multicooker and is available in two colors – white and silver. Get one of your choice and take your first step towards healthy living.

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