Philips AirFryer – Fry Away And Stay Fit

Philips AirFryer – Fry Away And Stay Fit

Eating fried foods has always been and will be one eating habit that will never fade away, for who can resist the taste and flavor of it? But, as in everything else , this also comes with a price, mainly weight gain. So, how do you balance it? Try Philips AirFryer. It’s a great combination of no oil and eat fried food as well which is a classic example of having your cake and eating it too!

What’s so special about this Philips Air Fryer? Well, be it french fries, corn dogs or fried chicken, frying has been made possible thanks to Philips AirFryer without the use of oil. Based on the principle of Rapid Air Technology around a grill using hot air for frying and the added bonus is it cuts down the fat to a whopping 80% ! Some other features of this fryer include quick delivery within 12 minutes, no heating up time required, cooking and crisping many ingredients to provide complete meals with the help of the Food Separator Accessory and that too without flavours mixing, provision of filtering out smell of hot oil smoke, built-in timer for presetting upto 30 minutes, temperature controls that are adjustable upto a maximum of 200 degrees centigrade etc.

Cooking stuffed vegetables can be made easy with Philips Air Fryer as also muffins, brownies, cakes – yes, that’s right even desserts can be prepared easily with this fryer technology which is a definite plus! With a Recipe Booklet of more than 30 recipes, Philips AirFryer could be the most feasible option for a no fat, no weight frying program.

Consisting of an egg-shaped device with a pulling out tray for your eatables, the two in one tray and basket can accommodate servings for 3 people at one time and is also easily dismantable and easy on the dishwasher. Priced at around pounds 200 and being on the expensive side, nevertheless, it could be a very viable option for all those who want to eat fried food without gaining weight. Being noise free is also another point in favour of this Philips AirFryer and many have found this to be a very favorable feature.

One negative point to Philips Air Fryer is its bulkiness and shape. Many find it difficult to accommodate this appliance in their kitchen, which in all probability is already filled with many other home appliances, and this is one factor that requires space planning before purchasing.

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are the macronutrients which are our bodybuilding materials and give us energy and strength to work and vitamins and minerals are the micronutrients which need to be consumed in smaller quanitities, but on a daily basis along with the above macronutrients, for a complete and wholesome food that provides all the health benefits like energy, protein, immunity development, good eye sight, healthy teeth and bones, well developed body and clear and quick concentration of the mind, keeps us active and brisk and while eating fried food , keeping the fat content in mind is very important and for this, resorting to buying this Philips AirFryer could be very advantageous.

Accumulation of fat can lead to obesity, which again poses many other health related problems, especially if there is balancing workout routines and this Philips Air Fryer is especially a must for all those busy, no time busy bodies who do not exercise regularly, but love to eat fried foods.

Browsing online the various sites for dealerships can help in comparing the price ranges, the discounts offered, the shipment details as also read the various consumer reviews about the product, the pros and cons and then decide on a suitable one for you. Make sure that you intend using it regularly because it is quite expensive and remember that you would probably have to shell out your hard earned cash for it, so weigh all your options before buying it.

There is one thing known as luxury and another called necessity and knowing the difference between the two is very important for wise investments. Many a times people opt for some electric appliance and ultimately end up not using them, which should be avoided at all costs. Make a thorough analysis of the plus and minus of the product before buying it. Happy frying!

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