TOP 10 Best Home Refrigerators 2020

A refrigerator is a very expensive household appliance, so they buy it immediately for several years, and sometimes for decades. The choice of a refrigerator should be approached very responsibly and thoughtfully, consider the various parameters and performance of the equipment so that it lasts as long as possible and is convenient in use. What … Read more TOP 10 Best Home Refrigerators 2020

AEG Fridge Freezer (Refrigerators) Reviews

AEG Side-bу-Side Refrigerators

Perfection of forms and functions – such is todaу’s AEG brand slogan from Germanу. Whether this is true, we will understand below. We carefullу consider each production line of AEG refrigerators, paу attention to labeling, and touch a little on the historу of the AEG brand. General description of AEG and its refrigerators AEG is … Read more AEG Fridge Freezer (Refrigerators) Reviews

Danby Refrigerators Overview

Danby first began operations in 1947, offering consumers compact refrigerators as well as small electrical appliances. The company has expanded since it was first formed, enjoying 65 years in business in 2020. Today, Danby is recognized as one of the largest household appliance marketing companies in all of North America. Consumers have come to expect … Read more Danby Refrigerators Overview

Carlisle Refrigerators Overview

Carlisle Refrigeration has been growing for more than thirty years. Today, the company manages three Thermo King transport equipment franchises. From the beginning, Carlisle Refrigeration was focused on helping customers find a way to accommodate their cooling needs. From air conditioning to refrigeration, as well as commercial products, Carlisle has been expanding its ability to … Read more Carlisle Refrigerators Overview

Breezaire Refrigerators Overview

Breezaire has been producing quality wine cooling equipment for years. The company strives to not only sell consumers a reliable refrigerator product, but to also educate them on what makes a quality appliance. Although they do not currently offer standard upright or built in refrigerators they do cater to the wine enthusiast. Serious wine lovers … Read more Breezaire Refrigerators Overview

Bosch Refrigerators Overview

Bosch refrigerators are backed by the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world, BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group. While some companies focus on price and classic appeal, Bosch places an emphasis on convenience, style and quality. The designs produced by Bosch are intended to help limit appliance noise and maximize functionality. The refrigerators … Read more Bosch Refrigerators Overview

Blomberg Refrigerators Overview

The Blomberg company is one of few that has enjoyed many decades of serving customers and expanding its product line. Founded in 1883, the company started manufacturing washing machines in 1949. Over thirty years later, the Blomberg company was responsible for producing the very first automatic washing machine, significantly increasing the convenience of household appliances. … Read more Blomberg Refrigerators Overview

Beverage Air Refrigerators Overview

Beverage-Air has been fulfilling the refrigerator needs of commercial clients for nearly seventy years. The company does not produce household products, but rather manufactures refrigerators ideal for merchants and businesses. Their available cold display cases come in many shapes, sizes and designs that are ideal for showcasing product while keeping it at a cool temperature. … Read more Beverage Air Refrigerators Overview

Avanti Refrigerators Overview

For more than 38 years, Avanti has been producing household appliances for the everyday consumer. Although they cover a number of different areas, from gas and electric ranges to laundry appliances and microwaves, Avanti remains focused on providing space saving necessities to consumers. Their products are intended for use in the home as well as … Read more Avanti Refrigerators Overview