LG LSC27921TT Refrigerator Reviews and Ratings

LG LSC27921TT Refrigerator

Purchasing a refrigerator is not as easy as grocery shopping. It is an important kitchen appliance which is not only responsible for keeping foodstuff fresh, but is also an integral part of any kitchen decor. If you are looking for a refrigerator that offers an array of useful features and also enhances the looks of your kitchen, then the LG LSC27921TT model is an ideal choice. This side by side water dispenser refrigerator is a technological wonder and offers a basket of unique and unmatched features.

  • Sleek exteriors: With its stunning titanium exteriors, this model is sure to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Contoured doors and hidden hinges provide a sophisticated look to the refrigerator.
  • Water and Ice dispenser: This LG model is equipped with a tall and easy to use external ice and water dispenser making it easy to fill up containers of different sizes. This external dispenser eliminates the need to open the refrigerator multiple times and is supplemented with LED lights as well.
  • Filtered water: The water dispenser is equipped with a water filter, which provides purified water. This eliminates the expenses incurred on purchasing filtered or bottled water.
  • Multiple Storage options: This model has huge storage capacity of 26.5 cu. ft. It enables you to adjust the settings of your refrigerator according to your changing needs. It boasts of a wide variety of storage bins and shelves and even the freezer section has storage bins in the door.
  • Easy Cleaning: This refrigerator offers the convenience of easy cleaning. The interiors are equipped with three Spill Protector Tempered Glass Shelves, which prevent any spilled liquid from flowing down to the below racks.
  • Iceplus technology: The Iceplus technology provides the convenience of making faster ice. This is particularly useful when you need to entertain unexpected guests.
  • Keeps food fresh for a longer time: This model has two humidity crispers within the interiors, which makes it ideal for storage of fresh fruit and vegetables. This helps to keep foodstuff fresher and crisper for a longer period of time. You can select high humidity levels which is ideal for some vegetables or low humidity levels which is good for fruits.
  • Quiet operation: Unlike many other refrigerator models, this LG refrigerator is equipped with the LoDecibel technology which enables it to operate silently.
  • Door Alarm: This feature is an alarm to notify you when the refrigerator door is ajar.

LG LSC27921TT Refrigerator Ratings

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