LG LBC22520SW Refrigerator Reviews and Ratings

LG LBC22520SW Refrigerator

If you are thinking of purchasing a refrigerator, you can take a look at the LG LBC22520SW. This refrigerator from LG is one of its more popular bottom-freezer models with an integrated ice making mechanism. As with most electronic products, this refrigerator too has its own share of pros and cons making it attractive to some while others may not like some of its features.

The LG LBC22520SW is available in color options of Smooth Black, Stainless Steel and Smooth White with matching stylish commercial handles and contoured doors. Fitted with five Design-A-Door bins, each with a capacity of one gallon, snack bin, 1 wire freezer shelf, 1 freezer cabinet and tempered glass shelves, the refrigerator packs in interesting features to make it easier for you to store your food or locate an item conveniently.

This refrigerator from LG is designed for optimum performance. It is packed with features like the LG LoDecibel™ quiet operation for almost silent performance and convenient digital control for setting the exact temperature you want. It has two humidity crispers to help your sort out the fruits and veggies and store them differently, if you want. Veggies require more humidity to stay fresh while fruits require less; with two crispers, you no longer need to worry about storing one while the other rots or dries out. With an LG LBC22520SW in your kitchen, you can shop for as much fresh produce you want without worrying about their storage or shelf life. Both crispers are designed to maintain an ideal humidity level for maximum freshness of stored products.

The refrigerator comes with a multi-air cooling system for more efficient cooling in every nook and corner of your refrigerator so that all your cooked foods keep better for longer. LG’s trademark CustomCube icemaker and IcePlus superfast freezing mechanism works overtime to produce 6lbs of ice so that you are never out of stock in the middle of a party!

The best feature of this refrigerator from LG is the freezer located at the lower level for easy access to all your favorite food items which you may need in your regular cooking. The conventional swing door has adequate storage space like flexible shelves and bins to neatly accommodate all the items you want to store so that you don’t need to shop often, saving time and hassles. With its energy star rating and energy savings of up to 20 percent, the LG LBC22520SW is built to save your money and care for the environment.

Priced around $850, this 22.4 cubic foot refrigerator from LG is surely going to occupy pride of place in your kitchen. The only drawback is that it does not feature any ice or water dispenser.

LG LBC22520SW Refrigerator Ratings

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