Kenmore Cold Spot 59422 Refrigerator Reviews and Ratings

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The Kenmore Cold Spot 59422 provides excellent value for money. Take a look today and you will be impressed with the features and space on offer. This side-by-side Energy Star refrigerator is extremely roomy inside for conveniently storing cooked and fresh foods, baby foods, beverages, meat and fruits and veggies. This means you save time by buying in bulk while the energy efficient technology offers substantial savings on your energy bills.

If you are forever looking for shelf space to store a leftover, this refrigerator takes care of that problem. The four glass shelves with spill-proof features allow you to sort and store all foods in an organized manner so that you don’t miss anything. Made of strong glass, they can hold a lot more weight than you would have expected. Equipped with two crispers both of which have humidity control features, this refrigerator lets you separate your fruits and vegetables for better moisture retention and freshness.

The additional grocery cabinet, dairy section and gallon storage capacity in the door panel, all ensure that you are never out of space and your pantry is well stocked all the time. The pull-out drawers are extremely convenient to handle and clean. All these features make the Kenmore Cold Spot 59422 ideal for busy people having to manage large families.

The integrated ice machine and water vending machine on the door come in handy whenever you want a cool drink of water. This is especially true if you have active kids who are always thirsty for cool clear water. The ice machine offers adequate quantities of crushed ice or ice cubes for all your party needs. The Kenmore Cold Spot 59422 side-by-side refrigerator will surprise you with its cool features like side cabinets on the door panel which pop out, doors which open to both left and right, PUR II water filtration mechanism, Microban technology in the crisper cabinets to enhance freshness of stored food, automatic defrost to minimize moisture accumulation and separate incandescent lighting in the refrigerator and freezer compartment.

Priced at only $700, The Kenmore Cold Spot 59422 is a strong performer in most categories. This energy efficient stylish refrigerator is available in black and white color options and comes with one year limited warranty. The temperature control panel is conveniently located for easy adjustment and this great appliance has lighting features on the water and ice dispensers, too. So if you are thinking of purchasing a new refrigerator, the Kenmore Cold Spot 59422 side-by-side refrigerator is your ideal choice.

Kenmore Cold Spot 59422 Refrigerator Ratings

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