How Refrigerators Work

How Refrigerators Work

Whether you have ever been curious as to how refrigerators work or you just want to know the basics of this kind of appliance, it is time to find out more about this product.

At one time, people survived without this invention, but most people these days could not imagine lacking a fridge in their kitchen. Before you begin the buying process for a new fridge, consider the basics of how refrigerators work.

Oddly enough, this appliance does not work by lowering the temperature of each food item, but by drawing heat away using a refrigerant. This is a type of liquid that turns into a gas after it enters the expansion valve. This gas then evaporates heat, leaving the air surrounding the food cooler than before. Therefore, heat is an important component of the process of cooling food down.

A major detail of how refrigerators work involves the compressor, which literally compresses gas, heating it up so that it can surge through the coils that are located behind the appliance. The gas that is circulating soon cools down enough to change into liquid form, which is then pushed through an expansion valve.

This motion causes it to then change into a mist that is extremely cold. As it travels, it picks up the heat given off from food products, and then returns to the compressor to start the process over again.

Essentially, a refrigerator takes heat from inside the appliance, pulling it outside. For this reason, the air around a fridge often feels warm, which just means that the process is working. Clearly, this appliance is much more complex than a simple ice chest, and deals with heat just as much as it does with the cold.

Knowing how refrigerators work can be helpful to any owner of this kind of appliance, since you may be clued in that something is not right just by knowing the basics.

For example, if the back or bottom of your fridge is suddenly the same temperature as the inside, it might not be working as it should. The exact problem might not be obvious since clearly this appliance is quite complex, but you will at least know to call for professional refrigerator repair.

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