Heart Healthy Recipes To Lower Cholesterol

Heart Healthy Recipes To Lower Cholesterol

Do you want to learn some new recipes for heart health? Keeping a heart healthy diet, and all-around healthy lifestyle can be tremendous in improving your overall quality of life. Many people get caught up in eating foods that are fatty, way too high sodium, and unhealthy for the. This is the society we live in, and unfortunately, that is not going to be changing anytime soon. It is up to you to make the changes you want to make it your all life. In this article, I’m going to go over some recipes for heart healthy living that you can start making right away.

Breakfast recipe:

Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day, having recipes for heart healthy breakfast can help you start the day out with a splash. Some of the best foods to eat, in the morning are foods such as eggs, wheat toast, orange juice, and milk. Add oatmeal into the mix, and you have a very solid breakfast. When you are first waking up, the body needs carbohydrates mostly. This is because it has been in a fasted state for eight or more hours, where it has gone without food. Below is a sample breakfast recipe:

One to three eggs, depending on body weight, a piece of wheat bread toast, a bowl of oats, and a glass of orange juice. This is an extremely good recipe for those of you who want to lower your cholesterol and lead an all around more healthy life style. Notice that there is no bacon! Yes, if you want to be healthy you need to make certain sacrifices!


The mid meal of the day is known as lunch. At this point in the day, your body is at it’s peak and needs a good combination of carbs, healthy fats as well as proteins.

A powerful lunch for healthy heart recipes is a tuna or other meat sandwich, on wheat bread, with light mayo. A handful of nuts, a glass of milk, and a fruit. This is a perfect combo of all of the right nutrients that you need at midday, while at the same time making sure your heart won’t suffer for it.


The last meal of the day is dinner. This is typically where people splurge and eat a lot, however this is probably the one meal where you should do that, and here’s why.. At night, your body is starting to settle down, it does not need a whole lot of energy, and therefore if you eat a lot of carbs, it will end up right on your gut.

A good dinner will consist of a strong source of protein such as fish or lean steak, a generous serving of vegetables, and a medium to light portion of carbs. Go easy on the carbs, as carbs are used for energy, and you don’t need energy at night!

I hope these recipes for heart healthy lifestyle choices were helpful to you, good luck!

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