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GE Refrigerator Brand Reviews and Ratings

Most of America can’t do without a GE (General Electric) product in their homes. And among the plethora of products GE has given to the world, GE refrigerators have always been top rated for their performance, quality and of course, a good variety in styles and models. Is it any wonder, you would want to look at a GE refrigerator before you think of even going to another brand?

GE refrigerator types and models

All GE refrigerators are primarily classified into four categories or segments. Each segment has a variety of refrigerator types and styles. Here’s what we gathered. GE offers refrigerator models like French Door, Side by Side, Top Freezer Refrigerators and Bottom Freezer Refrigerators.

  • GE Café is the second segment. They include only French Door Refrigerators and Side by Side Refrigerator types. There are three models in this category.
  • GE Profile line has the same categories such as the GE Refrigerators i.e. Side by Side, Top Freezer, French Door and Bottom Freezer, but the models vary in specific functionalitites.
  • GE Monogram Refrigeratorshave Undercounter Refrigerators in addition to the four usual models of refrigerators in this category.

You will also find GE Stainless Steel refrigerators and GE Compact Refrigerators among the models available in these four segments.

Here’s why GE has the best ratings.

When we were reviewing GE refrigerators, we came across some of the unique GE features that make this brand a top favorite among its users.

  • Durability – this ultimate feature in any GE product ensures you have an appliance that will stay with you for a long, long time to come.
  • Storage in Gallon Door – we found that you could now put so much more in the bottom freezer refrigerator because of this feature.
  • In Door Water filters – our review shows that the water filtration system in GE refrigerators gives the topmost quality ice and water.
  • LED lighting – one more reason why we liked the GE refrigerators was the use of LED lighting rather than the traditional incandescent bulbs. This feature has created more space within the refrigerators in addition to brightening up the interiors as well as reducing the heat from the light source.

Unique features, innovative styling, and a brand backed by more than century of experience, GE refrigerators are just what you need to think of when it comes to choosing a refrigerator for your home.

GE Refrigerator Ratings

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