Cuisinart Toa-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven Review

This is Cuisinarts Toa-60 new air frying toaster oven I’ve used to seven at home personally and the one thing I love about it is you get really quick results without the guilt of using too much oil so when you want to make things like french fries or chicken wings.

it’s actually air fries them so you get that really great taste from that you would get from deep-frying but you don’t have the heaviness from the oils so let’s look at some of the functions of the oven right here is your timer it goes up to 60 minutes it also turns on the power to the oven so when you turn this you’ll notice it starts ticking as if it was a timer it also will turn the power on the next dial here is your temperature control.

so it was from warm all the way up to 450 so this is your function knob so you have multiple choices when it comes to what you’re going to do you have warm royal convection royal toast baked convection bake and then airfryer.

So all the way on the right here this is your function for your toast so you just turn this and pick whatever shade doneness that you want and that’ll toast your bagels your toast your bread anything like that but you’re going to do and then all the way over on the right here this is your function for your light so let’s look inside the oven so in here you’ll notice there’s positions different position numbers for what slot you’re going to use depending on what you’re cooking.

We happen to have the rack on the very bottom here you can put it either direction and then this is your air frying basket and also your baking tray and they notice the tray slides right into the slots directly so you can use it with the basket or without the other great thing I love about this oven is that when you open the door as you’re cooking it’ll shut the power off and then it’ll turn right back.

And you close the oven door you notice the exterior this oven is made out of beautiful stainless steel and I love that the knobs are right on top so they’re easy to see and use the other thing that’s great about this oven is it has four heating elements on the top and two on the bottom and that makes it super efficient for air frying it also has a high-speed fan which helps circulate the air around your food as you’re cooking so it cooks very quickly and very efficiently but you get unbelievable results there’s so many amazing varieties of food that you can cook using this air frying toaster oven.

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The great thing about it though is has all the conventional features of a normal toaster oven with the added benefits of being an air fryer so let’s get cooking so let’s go ahead and use the air fryer function of our oven so today you’ll see in the basket I’ve lined it with sweet potato fries you can just use do it so it’s one layer you can fit more in here but that’s plenty of fries for quite a few people so all you’re going to do is put the basket inside the tray in this slide number two as we call it and what you’re going to do is I put this on for about 10-12 minutes on the air frying function on 450 and just keep your eye on it because it cooks very efficiently and if you want you can turn the price over.

When they’re halfway done but personally I actually don’t do that let’s check on our sweet potato fry it’s going to take pull the tray out a little bit in the basket so you can see but I told you I didn’t add any oil to this and you can if you want but look how crisp and brown they came out even without using any oil at all I personally love french fries it’s hard for me to turn one down so using my airfryer to make fries with very little oil if you choose is a great benefit next function.

We’re going to try is our bake function so one of the things that really simple and easy to make at home which people never think about is homemade olá it’s also a lot more economical and you can control all the ingredients that you put in your granola so I pre-mixed all these ingredients together and all you’re going to do is put them on to the baking pan that comes with your airfryer toaster oven.

Just spread it around really evenly and I preset the oven on 350 5 minutes and you’re going to realize how simple and easy it is to make homemade granola just the way you like it let’s check on our granola so I just want to mention that halfway through I actually toss the granola round so it’s evenly baked see how nice and crunchy and toasty Brown it is the one thing you can do it’s going to turn this off the one thing that you can do is you should let it chill.

But I kind of like it warm right out of the oven so what I’m going to do now is just take a little bit of it and put it right on top of my parfait one thing about granola that people don’t realize is that an average serving is about a quarter of a cup so you have to go you know don’t go crazy on how much granola you actually eat and one serving so the thing is you let it cool off like I said and you can store it for use for later but you saw how simple and easy it was to make homemade granola right in your air frying toaster oven it’s so simple and easy and it’s delicious.

so the next function we’re going to use is royal and that’s great for top browning and melting today what we’re going to do is we’re going to melt the cheese on the top of the sandwich but the thing I’m going to tell you though is you’re going to set it on toriel for the function you’re going to choose the temperature of 450 and then what you’re going to do is you can set your timer if you like I’m only going to leave it on for a couple of minutes because that’s all it’s going to take and it’s going to melt the cheese and make it nice and bubbly and gooey and warm so let’s check on our sandwich so it only took a few minutes for it to get nice and crispy and melted hopefully.

I won’t make a mess out of this down you can see the cheese melted really nicely it only took a few minutes there you have it next what we’re going to do is we’re going to convection make some burgers and they’re going to come out nice and brown and delicious but still be really tender on the inside so to prepare our burgers earlier.

I toasted the on buns and now what I’m going to do is prepare the hamburgers so first what we’re going to do is take just a little bit of olive oil and based on the top of the burgers and then we’re going to season them so let’s do they’re just a little bit of salt now pepper now what I’m going to do I’m just going to use my hands for this just make sure that you wash your hands afterwards very thoroughly turn them over like so and then we can easily season the other side once again you’re going to baste just so very lightly and that’s going to help it get a nice caramelized crust on the outside so just like so back down now I’m going to eat the other hand for the salt because I touched the burgers with my right hand so some salt pepper I like a lot of pepper so a little bit more now.

I already set the temperature and these are going to go for 15 minutes so I’m just going to turn that everything else is already set for us we’re just going to take the air frying basket and baking Pam and thicken and finishin number two like so close it up and we’re going to let it go for about half the time so about seven minutes I’m going to come back I’m going to flip the burgers we’re going to let them finish cooking so let’s check on our burgers so you notice when I open the oven door the oven shuts off automatically I’m just going to take this out all the way just so it’s a little easier for me to flip the burgers.

and then perfect put them right back in so notice how nice and brown they’re on the top we’re just going to turn them over and cook them the rest of the way and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to come back and top them with a little bit of cheese and then we’re going to let the cheese melt and then come back and plate them up put them the server’s back in and let them finish cooking so let’s check on our burgers and add our cheese just going to once again remove the whole pan so I can easily top them with the cheese it was a little generous with a couple of bees so going to have to get a little bit from this one that I put too much on okay so what we’re going to do is we’re going to put that pan back in the oven for a few more minutes and melt the cheese so let’s check on our burgers.

I’m going to turn that off I’m going to take the whole tray out and this is great cheese so is melted because it’s like finely grated not the same as it would if it was American or cheddar or anything like that but the burgers came out really beautiful put those on top of the funds that we toasted earlier using our oven this is a great way to make these types of foods.

That you would normally maybe cook outdoors in the summer you can do it right in your home kitchen we’re just going to top them with our buns and here we used a really beautiful pretzel buns today they’re nice and juicy and delicious looking burgers so you’d be happy to serve your family or friends put this back in the oven so what of what wouldn’t be more delicious from these gorgeous beautiful juicy hamburgers that you made using your Cuisinart Toa-60 air frying convection toaster oven.

Today we’re going to use the convection broil function to make some artichoke spinach dip and it has Greer cheese in it so we’re going to going to come out nice and brown and bubbly on top so I put the machine on 350 degrees and we’re going to do this for 20 minutes and I put the rack in the bottom position.

Which we call position number one just going to set like that and then we’re going to close it I’m going to come back in 20 minutes and just say how gooey and cheesy and delicious our artichoke dip is going to be so let’s check on our artichoke dip it’s almost finished welcome back and you’ll notice on top we use the convection boil function it got nice and brown and it’s going to be nice and warm and gooey because it has greer cheese in it it’s going to turn the oven off is the door so there you have it spinach artichoke dip with your cuisinart Toa-60 air frying convection toaster oven.

so earlier I cook these Brussels sprouts by using the air frying function but right now what we’re going to do is we’re going to heat them back up by using the warm function so all we’re going to do is put the pan in addition to already set the temperature on warm the function on warm and then we’re just going to put this on for about 10 minutes or so heat it back up and it’ll be nice and warm and delicious let’s check on our Brussels sprouts they smell nice and yummy they’re not overcooked.

Because we use the warm function even though we cook them previously the warm function is really great for a lot of different things not just reheating Brussels sprouts but if you have leftover pizza or you have bread that you toasted earlier and you want to warm it back up again or if you have any type of dips or things that you want to just heat up just a little bit so they’re not cold or room temperature it’s really great for that so now we’re going to toast our buns that we’re going to use later when we make our hamburgers in the air frying toaster up so all we’re going to do is remove this pull it out we’re going to going to cook six of these three full rolls at the same time.

we’re just going to turn them like so and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to put it on toast on medium and this is the knob that you use for your toast function and I’ve just put it on medium and it’s going to turn the oven on directly we’re just going to wait a few minutes and come back and check on our bun let’s check on our button they come out nice and toasty it’s going to put them right here and reserve them for later and when we make our hamburgers so you’ll notice it’s you can put quite a few and these happen to be really large rolls but you can put quite a few pieces of toast into toast for your breakfast items in the morning it’s nice and generous with size and it came out beautifully even so there you have it that’s the toast function of your airfryer convection toaster oven

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