Counter Depth Refrigerator Options

Counter Depth Refrigerator Options

If you are looking for a large fridge that can perfectly fit a smaller kitchen area, you might be interested in a counter depth refrigerator. This kind of appliance is perfect for kitchens that have little walking space since it tends to only go out as far as the countertops do. Find out more about this kind of appliance before you purchase one.

Oddly enough, most counters only stick out about 24 inches, while the average refrigerator sticks out up to 35 inches. This means that even a kitchen that has a decent pathway to get through it can quickly become crowded with the addition of a fridge. A counter depth refrigerator can solve this issue since it will likely only go out about 24 inches to match the countertops. Imagine how much extra space this will provide you, and how streamlined it will look compared to most refrigerators.

You may be worried about losing some space in the fridge once you get rid of the extra depth, but this is not always true. Many counter depth refrigerators are a bit taller and even wider than most, so if you do not want to lose any space in the fridge, consider this kind of appliance. Of course, if you have little extra space in your kitchen and do not mind losing some room in the fridge, you can check out counter depth refrigerators that are the same size as other fridges, with just a little less depth.

You do not have to skimp on style when you buy a counter depth refrigerator. In fact, this appliance should add some class to your kitchen since it will look smooth and elegant once the fridge depth matches the counter depth. You can opt for a standard side-by-side counter depth refrigerator, or you can select one of the newer French door fridges with a bottom freezer. There are plenty of options in this style, so feel free to shop around before you buy.

Whether you want to streamline your kitchen a little or just save some walking space, you should consider the counter depth refrigerator. It is a rather new style that allows you to be contemporary while making your kitchen look larger. Check out appliance websites and stores to get an idea of the options available on this kind of refrigerator.

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