Bosch Evolution 800 Refrigerator Reviews and Ratings

Bosch Evolution 800 Refrigerator Reviews

Bosch Evolution 800 Refrigerator is not just another bauble adorning your dining or cooking space. This machine from the house of Bosch complements its sleek and stylish stainless design with the best performance in its category of refrigerators. It has a decent capacity of 20.01 cu.ft, which is good for a medium sized household. There are a lot of points in favor of this powerful machine. Read on below for certain features that stand out and make this model one of the most desirable in the market.

Super cool refrigerator

Refrigerators, no matter what their design and features, need to cater to one basic function – cooling. Bosch Evolution 800 Refrigerators do this with aplomb. The cooling is consistent and the thermostat is of the highest grade. Moreover, a special feature called multi-flow shower cooling system, which has been included prevents the air inside from going stale. Your foods remain fresh and tasty for longer. Since the air inside the refrigerator is continuously circulated, the interiors remain fresh. Along with adjustable glass shelves and good storing space, this refrigerator definitely has one of the best functional interiors in the industry.

One of the most attractive features of Bosch Evolution 800 Refrigerators is the SuperCool System. What is so attractive about this feature is that this smart refrigerator senses heat of articles placed in it and focuses on cooling ones that are the warmest. So, if you place something in the refrigerator, it gets cooled super fast. All you have to do is press a button to activate this fast cooling system.

For the freezer section, you have the SuperFreeze System, which works similarly and freezes foods and drinks very quickly. So, if your friends are coming over and ice cubes runs out, SuperFreeze system can be your knight in shining armor.

External control panel

Now for the best part. You do not have to displace to shift any of your bowls inside the refrigerator to touch SuperCool and SuperFreeze buttons. They are provided on a control panel located outside, on the door of the refrigerator. This control panel also houses ice and water dispenser. Furthermore, you can lock the dispenser when you are not using it or when you have kids who might mess with it.

All these features, especially the external controls, have contributed to offering a high energy rating to Bosch Evolution 800 Refrigerator. You can choose this refrigerator from three different finishes. So, if you are looking for a killer combination of energy efficiency, functionality, style and performance, you are actually looking for Bosch Evolution 800 Refrigerator.

Bosch Evolution 800 Refrigerator Ratings

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