Fagor Refrigerators Overview

Fagor brand refrigerators and other appliances are designed to cater to the modern household. The personality of the company is very up to date, with contemporary undertones. Each appliance manufactured by Fagor is designed to help families live more comfortably through convenient features and energy saving design. Today, Fagor products are found all over the … Read more Fagor Refrigerators Overview

EuroCave Refrigerators Overview

EuroCave has been in the wine business for over 25 years. Through their experience, the company has learned how to improve wine storage for both home and business use. Today, EuroCave prides itself in adding a number of convenient features to its wine storage products, including temperature controls, security alarms, active humidity controls, and illumination … Read more EuroCave Refrigerators Overview

Estate Refrigerators Overview

Estate manufactures a line of refrigerators as a part of the Whirlpool Corporation. Whirlpool is perhaps one of the most easily recognized names in household appliances, from washers and dryers to refrigerators. Today, Whirlpool strives to produce energy efficient appliances, earning the 2010 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award. Estate enjoys some of the same benefits … Read more Estate Refrigerators Overview

Engel Refrigerators Overview

Engel’s motto identifies the company as a “legend in reliability.” This speaks volumes for their commitment to the life and durability of the products they manufacture. Today, Engel produces some of the most reliable rugged coolers available. The company focuses on producing 12 volt compressor and refrigeration technology. The appliances and coolers sold are designed … Read more Engel Refrigerators Overview

Electrolux Refrigerators Overview

Electrolux has remained dedicated to producing refrigerators and many other appliances for household use for over 80 years. The company prides itself on putting a lot of thought into each design, to help optimize convenience for the consumers who choose the Electrolux brand. The company takes on a modernized personality, with a down to earth … Read more Electrolux Refrigerators Overview

EdgeStar Refrigerators Overview

EdgeStar and KoldFront are two brands that fall under the Living Direct, Inc. umbrella. They are intended to help ease the frantic pace of the modern day lifestyle. By supplying appliances intended for convenience and comfort, EdgeStar has established itself as a cutting edge leader in refrigerator units and other appliances. Living Direct, Inc. as … Read more EdgeStar Refrigerators Overview

Dometic Refrigerators Overview

Dometic Group produces a line of RV refrigerators and other related equipment. The company’s overall goal is to help consumers live more comfortably. While the items Dometic manufactures are intended for leisure use, they are still very practical and functional. Along with RV refrigerators, Dometic’s catalog includes awnings, air conditioners, sanitation systems, cookers, mobile power … Read more Dometic Refrigerators Overview

Delfield Refrigerators Overview

In 1949, Paul DeLorenzo and Thomas Springfield began a small company headquartered in Detroit’s east side. The Delfield Company immediately began to grow and twenty years later, DeLorenzo bought out Springfield and the entire company was acquired by Clark Equipment. Throughout the coming decade, additional plants were opened and in 1976, Delfield was purchased by … Read more Delfield Refrigerators Overview

Danby Refrigerators Overview

Danby first began operations in 1947, offering consumers compact refrigerators as well as small electrical appliances. The company has expanded since it was first formed, enjoying 65 years in business in 2020. Today, Danby is recognized as one of the largest household appliance marketing companies in all of North America. Consumers have come to expect … Read more Danby Refrigerators Overview