Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer Review

Today, cooking is taken into a new light with the presence of Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer. If you are planning to find the best one for you, there are so many reasons why you should consider this product. This should be a part of your home because it would definitely give you a new cooking experience.

Benefits to customer

Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer is sought for because of various reasons. What are these?

This is the perfect fryer for those who are fond of cooking French fries.

Cooking may happen right away. It may just run from 15 to 20 minutes at the most. This is how this fryer works.

There is a 2-year warranty. This is not true to any other fryers out there in the market.

The price is really reasonable. There may even be a discount if you are lucky enough.

This may be delivered right away upon order. It may only take two days and then that is it.

Main Features

If you want this a part of your kitchen, there are highlights that you may expect from the product. What are these?

  • Works in 1500W and 3.21 capacity fryer.
  • Can be used in cooking without so much oil.
  • Highlights a timer control.
  • Goes with an auto switch off feature.
  • Comes with a temperature controller that enables anyone to redirect it the way they want.
  • More powerful than any other brand.
  • Its air engineering is beyond compare.
  • Has the ability to circulate super heated air all around its grill component.
  • Completed with a dishwasher safe pan and as well as a basket.
  • Suited for anything, most especially for Indian cooking.
  • The unique design would let anyone fit anything even the smallest space seen in the kitchen.
  • Has the capacity of a 3.21air fryer.
  • Includes safety feature for auto shut off.
  • Consumes 1500w power.
  • Manufacturer promises 2 years warranty.

In order to make the most of the product, it would help a lot to study the aforementioned. With those in mind, it would be easier to navigate the fryer and outmost it to the fullest. There is nothing to worry because it is commended for being user-friendly. Its operating system is also unlikely to confuse anyone, which re-assuring and relieving. Looking at the seal button may have to be done though because its warranty is long and the least thing that may happen is for it to be wasted.

Pros and Cons

This Air Fryer comes with its features and highlights. In order to assert if it is really the best product for you, here are the pros and cons most users have opened:


  • Ideal temperature
  • Cooks less than 30 minutes.
  • Uses a little amount of oil.
  • Long warranty
  • Acceptable and reasonable price
  • Fan-assisted
  • Versatile
  • Maintains food quality
  • Warms almost anything
  • Roasts food really well
  • Drains easily
  • Bakes
  • Roasts
  • Free of noise
  • Only ends with a ping
  • Decent size
  • Makes potato wedges


  • Might struggle finding the off option
  • Looks like made of plastic

How to use

Upon purchasing this appliance, it would help a lot to know how it is being operated. If you are one of the interested people who want to own this piece of fryer, there are important tips to remember in using it. Please consider the following:

  • Consult on the user manual for the product to be installed.
  • Choose a desired container or bag to pick the food item.
  • Look for an efficient sealing channel.
  • Press the button to start.
  • Remover air from its bag so that it would result to sealing.
  • Maintenance and cleaning

The durability of this product will depend on how you will take care of it. How should you maintain and clean this then?

  • Make sure to clean the appliance whenever it is asked and needed.
  • Before cleaning, do not forget to unplug the fryer first so that it will cool primarily.
  • Of course it has been soaked in oil, it is necessary to dry it.
  • Get the frying basket and then place it directly to the sink. After, use at least two to three drops of dish washing detergent to clean the fryer.
  • If there is remaining oil in the lid or pot, wipe it off. This may happen with damp paper towels.
  • If it is necessary, wipe as well as the heating element.
  • Find a soft sponge and then scrub it on the fryer with the presence of a reliable dish soap.
  • Secure hot water and then fill it in with the fryer.
  • Clean it back and forth with a running water. This is important.
  • Once the filters are dirty, clean them. You may start with the fryer lid.
  • A final wash should be done once all of these have been observed. Do this by returning the cooking pot.

Frequently asked questions

A. How much time is needed in frying? Is it possible to place multiple layers on it? Or is it restricted to a layer only?
Answer: 30 minutes would have to be the maximum. It may take a maximum of two layers.

B. What is the maximum warranty period of this appliance?
Answer: The appliance gives two years warranty to users.

C. Is there a difference between Philips rapid air technology and Pigeon’s fan-assisted oven technology?
Answer: Upon first look, there is no much difference actually. However, when using hot air for cooking, there may be a slight variation in the heating element. Philips has a wide array of options though as compared to that of Pigeon’s. Do not get this wrong because both works well. As for the price though, Pigeon’s is way cheaper and more affordable.

D. Is it possible to bake in this appliance?
Answer: Yes you can bake but you have to make sure that the right size for this baking vessel is chosen.

Bottom line

Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer is a really smart choice for it has the features of many sophisticated fryer. What is even good is that despite that, it is still the most affordable.

Philips Viva Collection HD9220/53 Air Fryer Review

Philips Viva Collection HD9220/53 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology is a unique product that comes with a dependable air innovation. This would enable users to fry even if there is the presence of air. In the end, this would make food crispy without compromising its inside for the tenderness can still be maintained. This may be of little oil, this can be without oil at all. Regardless, one is necessary to ensure that the required results will be attained eventually.

Benefits 1 Benefits of Philips Viva Collection

Philips Viva Collection HD9220/53 is the best fryer for so many reason. In purchasing this product, customers will surely be able to enjoy the following advantages:

One of the most known benefits of this fryer is that it features rapid air technology for healthier frying to be attained. This is unique this way for it could be utilized in baking, frying, grilling and roasting. The tastiest snacks can be made in less than a minute with this.

Through this prying pan, low fat food may be cooked. This is not surprising because of its unique design. This is a combination of fast air which circulates all the time. As this happens, it is superheated and this is when optimal heating takes place. This would allow for the frying of delicious meals to occur. This may be easy and there will no longer be a need to add oil.

This pan is very versatile because it may be utilized for grilling, frying, roasting and at times… even baking. This is functional in such sense because of the innovative Philips Airfyer that it goes along with. This would allow the roasting of your favorite meal to occur. This is perceived to be a one stop solution for whatever meal you require.

Upon buying, you will be provided with a booklet filled with inspiring recipes. This is devised with the presence of experts in the field of culinary who were in-charge in giving inspiration for low-fat fried food. All of these can be cooked by the Airfryer. This is also a way to be introduced with recipes that will allow you to showcase any appliance’ versatility. This is the time when you can bake, grill and even roast. All of these can be undertaken conveniently.

Even if its build appears to be really small, it may produce fast and easy food. This is not surprising because it goes with a large cooking capacity. This may handle any of your favorite recipes out there.

The temperature control of it is adjustable. It also comes with an integrated timer that would allow pre-setting to occur. This is ideal for cooking times and it may reach even 30 minutes if that is preferred. It is packed with a ready sound indicator. With this, the auto-function may be realized. Its temperature is also fully adjustable. This would allow the pre-setting of the temperature to happen. This may be for the food and it may reach up to 200 degrees. This is the feature you need in enjoying crispy golden-brown fries, chicken, snacks, meat and a whole lot more.

Fast cooking results may happen in a snap. It is time-efficient.
The parts are safe, even for dishwasher. There is also a drawer which is removable. It will definitely not stick at all. Easy cleaning is assured here.

The design of this technology is really one of its kind. Delicious meals may be set here without a problem.

List of Features of Philips Viva Collection

  • Philips Viva Collection HD9220/53 has lots of specifications that may find useful in their daily lives. These are given below.
  • This is perfect for cooking and re-heating.
  • This may be perfect for those who want to decrease their intake of calorie.
  • Has a timer that comes with a signal. It also has an auto shutoff.
  • It keeps the surface of the kitchen neat and tidy because it goes with a cord storage.
  • Easy cleaning is expected and the parts are safe for dish washing.
  • The temperature control is adjustable and this will come with perfect results later on.
  • Its rapid air technology is responsible in frying the tastiest food. This may happen without oil.
  • The free recipe book is enough for everyone to take a whole new level in cooking. 

Pros and Cons

Just like any product, this comes with its own pros and cons. In order for you to prepare yourself, these are the extent and its limitations.


Less Greasy
Quick Result


Needs cord
No separator
Comes with a metal gauze
Needs oil
Disturbing divider

How to use the Air fryer

If this is your first time stumbling upon such product, these are the steps of its usage:

  • Get the manual for the instructions.
  • Use a container and place whatever food intended. Check the bag before doing so.
  • Put the bag on the channel and then work with the latch-bar.
  • Choose among the options in the button.
  • Remove the air from the bags through proper sealing.
  • Unlock its lid.

Maintenance and Cleaning

There are various ways in order for this equipment to be cleaned. These may be:

  • Proper cleaning is easy because it is not that difficult.
  • Unplug the fryer from its connection.
  • Use a semi-dry cloth to clean. Do this with soap and water.
    Wipe it with the dry cloth.
  • Deal with the drip-tray by removing it. Use the water and soap for this.
  • Frequently asked questions about Philips Air Fryer

A. What is the plug point of this fryer?

Answer: You may need 15amp for this.

B. What are the other important features?

Answer: This fryer highlights the use of temperature control and timer. These can all be adjusted when you are frying, cooking, and even baking. All of these.

The aforementioned are just among the functional features that many users may enjoy. For weight, Philips Viva Collection HD9220/53 is only 800g. This fryer is of low fat. It goes with a multicooker and is available in two colors – white and silver. Get one of your choice and take your first step towards healthy living.

Healthy Food Recipes

There are lots of different people claiming they have healthy food recipes that you can follow. They will apparently help you lose weight and improve your health. But which healthy food recipes should you take notice of? There are healthy food recipes that say food combining works best, others which have low carbohydrate, and some which have low fat, so which should you choose?

When looking at healthy food recipes, the first thing to decide is whether they are healthy in the way you want them to be. By this I mean, there is no need to choosing recipes that are low in salt if you want to reduce your fat levels, so be sure that you understand what the healthy food recipes are trying to do for your health.

Healthy food recipes need to be recipes that you feel you could eat on a regular basis and help your overall health. If you are trying to eat more healthily because of a medical complaint or to lose weight you will need to continue on a healthy diet for the rest of your life. You can’t just have a diet that allows you to lose weight for a while and then you need to go back to eating normally. Healthy food recipes that are for short term dieters to loose weight fast aren’t recommended. You need to find healthy food recipes that you can use for ever. They will need to be low in salt and contain no sugar. They will be low in fats but contain a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals, as well as some proteins to give you energy.

It is important that you choose healthy food recipes that contain foods that you really enjoy eating. If you feel that you can never give up a particular food (such as chocolate) then you don’t need to. Make sure that you healthy food recipes include these foods so that you won’t crave them and then binge later on. It is advised by most dieticians that you avoid caffeine and large amounts of sugar on any diet, and if you believe you have the willpower to give these up forever, then that is great and you should do. However, in the real world most of us wouldn’t be able to get through our day without a chocolate fix (or whatever food it is that you crave), so don’t’ deny yourself this. Otherwise a diet will feel like a punishment and you will be desperate to end it and go back to your old eating habits, and if you do this you won’t be healthy any more. The old saying ‘everything in moderation’ isn’t a bad one, and as long as your medical condition doesn’t mean you have to give up a particular food, then feel free to indulge every so often, but make sure that you also eat plenty of healthy fruit, vegetables, fibres and proteins to make sure that you are healthy for 95% of your diet.

Healthy food recipes are great for when you are trying to change your eating habits, just make sure you choose the right ones for you.

Heart Healthy Recipes To Lower Cholesterol

Do you want to learn some new recipes for heart health? Keeping a heart healthy diet, and all-around healthy lifestyle can be tremendous in improving your overall quality of life. Many people get caught up in eating foods that are fatty, way too high sodium, and unhealthy for the. This is the society we live in, and unfortunately, that is not going to be changing anytime soon. It is up to you to make the changes you want to make it your all life. In this article, I’m going to go over some recipes for heart healthy living that you can start making right away.

Breakfast recipe:

Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day, having recipes for heart healthy breakfast can help you start the day out with a splash. Some of the best foods to eat, in the morning are foods such as eggs, wheat toast, orange juice, and milk. Add oatmeal into the mix, and you have a very solid breakfast. When you are first waking up, the body needs carbohydrates mostly. This is because it has been in a fasted state for eight or more hours, where it has gone without food. Below is a sample breakfast recipe:

One to three eggs, depending on body weight, a piece of wheat bread toast, a bowl of oats, and a glass of orange juice. This is an extremely good recipe for those of you who want to lower your cholesterol and lead an all around more healthy life style. Notice that there is no bacon! Yes, if you want to be healthy you need to make certain sacrifices!


The mid meal of the day is known as lunch. At this point in the day, your body is at it’s peak and needs a good combination of carbs, healthy fats as well as proteins.

A powerful lunch for healthy heart recipes is a tuna or other meat sandwich, on wheat bread, with light mayo. A handful of nuts, a glass of milk, and a fruit. This is a perfect combo of all of the right nutrients that you need at midday, while at the same time making sure your heart won’t suffer for it.


The last meal of the day is dinner. This is typically where people splurge and eat a lot, however this is probably the one meal where you should do that, and here’s why.. At night, your body is starting to settle down, it does not need a whole lot of energy, and therefore if you eat a lot of carbs, it will end up right on your gut.

A good dinner will consist of a strong source of protein such as fish or lean steak, a generous serving of vegetables, and a medium to light portion of carbs. Go easy on the carbs, as carbs are used for energy, and you don’t need energy at night!

I hope these recipes for heart healthy lifestyle choices were helpful to you, good luck!

Weight Loss Healthy Soup Recipes

You may be finding it hard to find great healthy soup recipes now that you are losing weight or maintaining your waist line size. Making use of nutritious and tasty ingredients, you can institute healthy soup recipes that can aid you in attaining your goals to keep your body healthy and stay away from diseases. These are wholesome recipes that are made easy and following basic instructions listed below can provide you with probably the most nutritious and most delicious soup recipes you can have while having your desired body shape.

Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup

Slow Cooker Black Bean SoupIt is one of the best healthy soup recipes as it involves lots of vegetables. It is is low-calorie recipe, with only 122 calories per serve. The healthy soup recipe below can accommodate eight or more people in one serving.

To cook this healthy soup recipe, you will need the following: 30 oz. cans black beans (drained and rinsed), a 14-oz. can of undrained Mexican stewed tomatoes can, a 14-oz. can of undrained petite-diced tomato , a 9-oz. can of chopped green chillies, an 11-oz. can of drained whole kernel corn, 3 chili powder bags, a teaspoon of garlic powder or fresh garlic, and if necessary, a teaspoon of ground cumin.

Just combine all these ingredients in a slow cooker, setting the temperature to low, you can already prepare this healthy soup recipe. However, you need to cook this for around eight hours. What’s good with these healthy soup recipes is that they can be served outright after cooking and sodium can be reduced by using soaked dry black beans and fresh corn.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable SoupOne of the best weight loss healthy soup recipes can actually be prepared very easily. What’s great is that you can actually experiment with the food you are going to eat. This healthy soup recipe is done on the stove top for large groups. Weight loss healthy recipes can be boring or tasteful, depending on you. Doling our a portion daily or adding your favorite twist when you heat them can give you a different taste for your soup each day. The best part of this healthy soup recipe is the base soup that you can just actually eat as is. It only contains 45 calories per serving.

For you to be able to prepare this vegetable soup with variations, here are the ingredients that you need for your weight loss healthy soup recipes: a pound of thinly sliced carrots, a pound and a half chopped onions, four thinly sliced celery stalks, two crushed with press large garlic cloves, 56-oz undrained whole tomate, a pound of thinly sliced green cabbage, 48 chicken broth, salt and pepper, six cups of water, 3/4 bite-sized cut green beans, zucchini crescent slices and 12-oz baby spinach leaves.

The principal component of weight loss healthy soup recipes is the vegetables. To prepare this meal, mix carrots, celery, onions and garlic on your stock pot over a medium heat. Then, stir it for eight minutes until the time you feel that your vegetables became tender. Now, add the tomato and its juice, the cabbage, broth and the green peas. Now, add flavor to it by mixing the salt and pepper and water together with your base soup. Stir this occasionally until it boils.

When your healthy soup had boiled, cover your pot and let it simmer for around ten minutes while stirring. Now, add your zucchini and spinach leaves. While doing so, increase your heat until your soup would return to boil again. Now, reduce your heat and let it simmer, covered, for around ten minutes or so.

You can definitely add more variations on your healthy soup recipes while undergoing weight loss diet plans. Plan on different soups and meals you can make for yourself while undergoing diet. Experiment and explore possibilities on your healthy soup recipes and you can definitely succeed in keeping your body healthy and strong.

How to create your own heart healthy recipes

When it comes to eating healthy, unfortunately most people have no idea what to do. A majority of people are so used to eating foods that simply do nothing but add more calories to an already horrible diet. For years people have made it a habit to avoid heart healthy recipes for the sake of being able to eat foods conveniently and to eat “tasty” foods. Though unhealthy foods can somehow taste good, it simply is not good for your health. Once you are able to figure out what foods you should avoid, you will have a better understanding of what you need to do to have a healthier diet.

Foods To Avoid

The problem that most people have is that they tend to forget that their diet is the main reason why they are gaining weight. Though lack of exercise is a main problem, the real problem stems from the fact that most people simply do not know what they should be eating. Heart healthy recipes will never have foods that come in a package or anything that was not around centuries ago. This means that chips, sodas, ice cream bars and anything that can be associated with “junk food” should be the first things to go. Just by going a week without any of these foods, you will be able to really feel a big difference with the way you feel.

Foods To Eat

Since you are able to only eat foods like eggs, chicken, tuna, fruits, vegetables, oats and certain wheat breads, you might be thinking that you will only be eating bland foods. This is absolutely not true as you can really create your own heart healthy recipes without having to sacrifice taste. There are plenty of salads to create that do not have to focus on mayonnaise based dressings as you can get very creative when it gets to making your own heart healthy recipes. A healthy meal simply just means that you are eating foods that are good for your health but it truly does not mean that you should restrict yourself from enjoying your food.

Dishes To Create

The possibilities are literally endless but some healthy heart recipes to think about are things like broiled white sea bass with vegetables like broccoli. You can also create healthy chicken strips as this might be seen as something unhealthy but there are always healthy alternative for most foods. Learn how to really get creative so that you will be able to really enjoy your foods. Avoid oily foods as much as possible and look to really bake or grill most of your dishes. The key to really creating heart healthy dishes is creativity and enjoying your creations.

If you are serious about trying to learn how to create heart healthy recipes, there are plenty of resources on the internet that will give you more examples of heart healthy recipes with actual details of how to cook them. Take your time with the process and realize that it will take some practice before you are able to really start making amazing healthy dishes.

What are some healthy salad recipes?

If you’re one of many people that perceive salads to be boring and tasteless, then think again. Surprisingly, there are many healthy salad recipes that taste super delicious that you’ll most definitely add them to your daily menu. However, despite many salad recipes being out there, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all are healthy salad recipes. That is why I will be educating you regarding all of the healthy salad recipes that you should really consider making.

What are some healthy salad recipes?

Fruity salad

Fruity salad

A fruity salad is very delicious and is one of many healthy salad recipes, as it doesn’t contain any preservatives or unhealthy ingredients. You will be needing grapes, lettuce, tomato, pears, pineapple, parmesian cheese, and balsamic vinegar. After you have all the ingredients, freshly toss them around with the balsamic vinegar. This salad recipe has a sweet taste from the fruits, but also a very pleasant piquancy that the balsamic vinegar provides.

Turkey salad

Turkey salad

Turkey salads taste very good and it happens to be very nutritious. The ingredients contain roasted turkey, tomato, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, roasted nuts, beans and extra virgin olive oil. Once your turkey is roasted, you can then sauté the extra virgin olive oil and all of the vegetables together. Once your salad is completely mixed, you can then add the roasted nuts on top.

-Steamed chicken mango salad

-Steamed chicken mango salad

Steamed chicken mango salad would have to be my personnel favorite salads because I truly enjoy mangos. The ingredients you will be needing are steamed chicken, a ripe mango, roasted almonds, roasted walnuts, tomato, potato, asparagus and lettuce. Once your chicken is completely steamed, add the mango, lettuce, tomato, potato, and asparagus. Once you have mixed all the ingredients together, you can then add a couple more pieces of mango on top, then the roasted almonds and roasted walnuts. This salad recipe is super delicious and happens to be one of the most delicious healthy salad recipes out there.

Teriyaki salad

Teriyaki salad

Teriyaki salad is also one of my favorite healthy salad recipes, as it really tastes super delicious. The ingredients you will need are teriyaki sauce, chicken dipped in teriyaki, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, potato, sesame seeds, and pineapple. First, mix all of the vegetables and fruits together with some teriyaki sauce, and then add some of the chicken that was dipped in teriyaki sauce. Once you have mixed the entire salad together, you can then add the sesame seeds on top. This salad will only take you about 15 minutes to prepare, but it is really worth it, as this salad recipe tastes super delicious.

So, if you want to make very delicious and healthy salad recipes, then don’t hesitate to make one of these healthy salad recipes. You don’t have to worry about these salads being fattening, as all of them contain less than 300 calories. You also don’t have to worry about taking too long making these healthy salad recipes, as all will only take less than 30 minutes to prepare. All of these healthy salad recipes are super delicious and really worth making. Who said eating healthy didn’t taste good!

Quick And Easy, Healthy Snack Recipes

When it comes to healthy snack recipes, the keys to success are quick and easy snacks that take minutes to prepare yet provide nutritional benefits, too. Many dieters get caught up in watching calories instead of nutrition, grabbing for low calorie crackers, pretzels and cookies that have zero nutritional value. Not only does grabbing a bag of chips, filled with carbohydrates, actually work against a diet but it also impacts health because our immune systems need adequate vitamins and minerals to fu function properly. Healthy snack recipes, therefore, need to provide the benefits of being a tasty treat, should be quickly prepared so there is no temptation to open a bag of pretzels or potato chips and should promote a balanced diet.

There are many healthy snack recipes that meet all of the above criteria. The best snacks are ones that don’t come solely out of a box or a jar. Keeping a refrigerator full of healthy “grab and go” foods ensures much better odds of eating a healthier diet as well as snacks, the next time you are in front of the tv, looking for something to munch on. Follow these suggestions for healthy snack recipes and you can enjoy tasty, guilt-free snacking while improving nutrition at the same time.

People love popcorn but often grab for the buttered, flavored brands that you pop into the microwave. Popcorn is actually a healthier snack if you keep it more pure and natural. For healthy snack recipes when making popcorn, it couldn’t be easier. Invest in a hot air popper and sprinkle your favorite topping on top. Some suggestions are parmesan cheese, natural garlic powder or salt, cayenne or paprika for a spicy flare, brown sugar and cinnamon for a sweet treat. Other healthy snack recipes include drizzling olive oil on top (spices stick better) or even hot sauce, if you like things hot.

There are limitless healthy snack recipes to be found with raw fruits and vegetables. Some examples include dipping raw fruit in plain yogurt sweetened with honey (kids love fruit kabobs, with a few mini marshmallows placed on the stick). Celery sticks go great with a dab of creamed cheese or peanut butter. A little ranch dressing goes a long way with any vegetable in your refrigerator. In addition, you can make a fruit plate and just drizzle a little chocolate sauce around for an added hint of sweetness. Healthy snack recipes can include a little guilty pleasure, if used in moderation. Fresh salsa is also an excellent choice for a healthy, quick recipe.

Protein is important for overall health and has been proven to be an essential part of a successful diet. High protein foods such as eggs, cheese, peanut butter and meat are great ingredients to healthy snack recipes. Summer sausage on whole wheat crackers, with a small slice of cheese, provides calcium, protein and grain. For a little zest, add spicy mustard for a kick to your palette. You can also make a batch of egg salad to spread on crackers or create deli roll ups in a leaf of lettuce with lunch meat, cheese, tomato and onion.

For healthy snack recipes, you needn’t spend a lot of time preparing in the kitchen. We all want to eat healthier but are tempted to grab for the chip bag because of the misconception that eating healthy takes time. The truth is that a healthier snack can be just as quick to make, if you stock your shelves with nutritious foods instead of chips and unhealthy treats. Healthy snack recipes provide your body with nutrients it needs, while giving you tasty snacks that are so good, you will think you are indulging in a guilty pleasure.

Healthy recipes for two: on the road again

A couple of years ago my wife and I decided that we had had enough of the suburban life. I was ready to retire early and so was she, our kids were long since gone and having kids of their own who we didn’t see enough, and I was sick of mowing the lawn, washing windows and cleaning out gutters. My brother had taken a bold leap about 10 years ago and I decided to follow his lead. We bought a medium-size motor home (after selling the house), traded in our cars for a small 2 door sporty model, and hit the road. We never looked back and have never regretted our decision.

Since I was always the cook of the house, I had to make a few adjustments to my style for the motor home’s smaller kitchen. But more than that, I had to make adjustments for us. My wife and I decided that making a clean break included starting a regimen of exercise, vitamins and supplements, and healthy eating. Eating healthy for us meant using fresh organic ingredients, locally grown and produced when possible, using meats from animals raised without antibiotics or additives, striking a balance between too much of the bad fat and just enough of the good kind, and cutting back on the processed flours and sugar. So I developed a long list of healthy recipes for two, easy to prepare in a small kitchen, and I will share three examples of my favorites here.

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan - Healthy recipesThis is a favorite of ours because it seems so sinful but is really healthy. Take 2 boneless chicken breasts (and flatten the thick parts with a meat pounder. Then put the chicken in a mixture of 1 free-range egg (they’re actually good for you, you know) and a half cup of skim milk, dredge each piece in a bowl of whole-grain breadcrumbs, and place them in a skillet with a bit of olive oil flavored with garlic powder.Brown on both sides, and when the breasts are done (about 5 minutes on each side) put a tablespoon or two (I like more sauce, the wife less) of organic marinara on each piece, then grate some fresh Parmesan on each one. Then turn off the heat and cover for a few minutes. Serve with a green salad and you’ve got one of the healthy recipes for two.

Easy Skillets

Easy Skillets - Healthy recipesOne of our favorite meals is the easy skillet. It starts with a pound of lean ground meat (you can use lean beef or turkey or chicken), fresh chopped peppers (as many colors as you can find), onions, and garlic. Brown the meat first and drain the fat, then put in the veggies. When they are still bright-colored but not soggy, add a can of organic black, red, pinto or kidney beans and a small can of organic chopped tomatoes. Mix in a cup of cooked brown rice and you have an easy skillet. By varying the meat and the spices and the beans used, you can call it a Mexican or a Cajun or an Italian skillet – the possibilities for healthy recipes for two are endless.

Pork Chops Oriental

Pork Chops OrientalGet a couple of farm-raised pork chops (not too thick) and some fresh ginger, garlic, and onions. You’ll need a tablespoon or so of soy sauce too. Chop a teaspoon of ginger, 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, and a small onion. Fry the pork chops in some olive oil and add the chopped veggies after they brown and you turn them over. When everything is starting to brown, add the soy sauce. Cover and let cool down a bit, then serve with steamed brown rice.

Our life on the road has been a pleasant one, and we enjoy it together. By developing more healthy recipes for two, we plan to keep heading down the road for a long time to come.

Zero oil cooking, and more

Zero oil cooking is a term that basically means exactly what it sounds like. In today’s society, many people are overweight, in America in fact, two out of three people are considered overweight. These are astonishing figures, and something must be done about this and quick. One thing that is catching on, is something known as zero oil cooking. Oil has a lot of fat in it, and more fat generally tends to but more weight in unwanted areas on our bodies. If you are prepared to make the sacrifice of having no oil in your food, it can drastically help improve your health. Below I’m going to explain a few of the benefits of utilizing zero oil cooking in your day-to-day meals, as well as some realistic alternatives that you can use to cook with instead.

#1. Less sodium and fat. Most oil, has high sodium and fat content. Both of these are widely known to be bad for your body in large quantities. Taking the oil content out of your meals can be a great way to reduce these harmful ingredients. With zero oil cooking, you will be simply getting the food, and nothing else.

#2. Taste the food. Oil, depending on which type you use, and be very strong and flavorful. In fact, it can tend to drown out the flavor of the meat or vegetables that you are cooking. If you decide to practice zero oil cooking in your meals, you will notice that the taste and texture is much more authentic than previously. This is one of the best benefits of using no oil in your cooking.

#3. Air frying. One thing you can do, that is an alternative to using oil in your cooking, is air frying. What this means, is you are using air to cook your food for you. This is a great alternative to cooking with fatty oils that are just going to lead you into a more unhealthy lifestyle.

#4. Save money. This may seem like an odd benefit to using zero oil cooking, however it all adds up. If you do not buy oil anymore, that is money they can be used for gas, and spent better elsewhere. Everyone loves to save money, and who knew zero oil cooking could help you achieve that goal.

Zero oil cooking is a great way to live a heart healthy lifestyle, and achieve weight loss faster. If you have been used to cooking with oil your entire life, it may be hard to make this transition, but once you have, you will never look back, as you and your family enjoy much healthier and happier days ahead.

I hope this article was helpful in helping you understand the benefits and positive aspects of using zero oil cooking in your recipes. If you want to have a higher quality standard of living, and a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones, zero oil cooking is one way to achieve this, good luck.

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